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Top Ten Reasons Its Great To Be A Writer

10 - You will always have a job. As long as people want to read, other people like us need to write. And people will always want to read, right?

9 - Every day is different. If you're a freelance writer who can work from home, you still have deadlines to meet, but you also have some control over what you do and when you do it. Even if you're the type of writer who has to go to an office somewhere to work, you still don't write about the same thing day after day.

8 - You get to share your voice with the world or some portion of the world. How many people in other professions can do that and get paid for it?

7 - You never stop learning. Every story, article, or book can be an adventure into something new.

6 - You get to meet interesting people from diverse backgrounds. You actually get paid to talk to them as you interview them for an article or conduct research for a different type writing project.

5 - You get to express your creativity and show it off at the same time! How many other jobs allow people to actually put their name on their work and display it for everyone in the world to see? It takes a special kind of person with firm fortitude to be comfortable doing that.

4 - You certainly have some effect on the lives of people you don't even know. Whether people love or hate what you write, your work almost always results in some type of reaction.

3 - Writing is fun. I can't say I've ever met another writer who doesn't like what he does for a living.

2 - You'll never get too old to write. I know my grandfather (God rest his soul), who owned his own garage and used car dealership, loved being a mechanic. He worked on cars from the time he was a teenager until he was close to 60 years-old and could no longer physically perform all the duties of his work.

1 - Writing offers inner rewards. Of course some days can be frustrating when you get writer's block or fail to meet a deadline. But there's no profession that is stress-free. There's also nothing comparable to the sense of fulfillment and feeling of satisfaction when you write a truly spectacular article or write the final chapter of a book you've worked on for years.

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